Monday, September 04, 2006

I Wish We Were A Nielson Family....

The new fall season is here for network TV, and as we have become total marks for commercial TV this comes as good news!

Prisonbreak: New episode was on last night. I have to say, this is one show that is amazingly addictive. At first I thought I would be upset if they extended it past one season ("once they break out, that's the end, right?"), but now I'm glad it did well enough to come back. The quality hasn't let up yet, and it never fails to surprise. Unlike most "riveting dramas" on TV, you really have no idea who (if anyone) will survive until the next episode. I won't be too shocked if the brothers don't make it to Mexico, at the rate they're going.

Bones: The new season started last week, and I'm still adjusting to their new "boss" at the Jeffersonian. I'll miss the friction between Goodman (their old boss) and Hodgins, and I'm just waiting for Hodgins to play his "my family owns your job" trump card on the new boss when she pushes them too hard (or did the writers conveniently forget that sub-plot?). We'll see... I like the rest of the cast too much, and I'm interested where they're going with the search for Bones' father. And on a side point, I still think that David Boreanaz would've made an excellent Batman/Bruce Wayne. But I digress....

House: The season premiere is on tonight. Last season ended with the cliffhanger/shooting episode, so we'll see where they take that. From the ads, it looks like they took his advice and used the ketamine for the surgery, since he appears to be pain free. But this is House, so he could just be messing with them.

Other shows we're still waiting for:

  • Scrubs - definately the last season for this one. I'm hoping they'll make it feel as such. But it'll be hilarious, none-the-less, I'm confidant of that.
  • American Dad - While Family Guy has turned more and more into an attempt to fit the most number of obscure pop culture references into 20 minutes, Seth McFarland's other baby has been getting better and better. It took a while to warm up to it, but the jokes are better and more frequent than FG, while having something resembling an actual plot.
  • How I Met Your Mother - One of the best comedies on TV right now. It ended on a pseudo-cliffhanger, with two characters finally coming together and two others breaking apart. I hope that the powers that be let this run to it's eventual conclusion, without trying to stretch it out farther than it needs to go.
  • Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Ghost Whisperer, Medium, CSI (all of 'em), Law & Order SVU - Our staples. We'll keep watching these regardless of what happens. But it's only because they're really good.
  • American Idol - We kind of got accidentally hooked on this last year. We're still not sure if we'll give this season a go as well.
  • Jericho, Smith, Shark, 30 Rock, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - All look interesting enough to give 'em a shot.
  • Heroes - Looks awesome! 'Nuff said. :)
  • 20 Good Years - I've got high hopes for this one, based on the people involved. Hopefully they'll have the writing to back it up.
  • Stand Off - I really want to like this show, but every review I've read has panned it, so I'm not holding my breath. Apparently the writers couldn't decide whether it was a comedy or a drama. And so Ron Livingstone still hasn't found the vehicle that will propel him out of sub-stardom. Thank you to FOX broadcasting and their brilliant managerial decisions....
  • And the rest - War at Home, My Name is Earl, 2 and a Half Men, and I'm sure a couple of other shows we're forgetting.

No wonder we never get out and do anything productive - we're stuck in front of the TV all night! I don't know what we'd do if we had cable.... although I do know we'd be watching Ghost Hunters on the SCi-Fi channel! Instead we have to watch the episodes that Jenny's mom tapes for us.

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