Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I got a subpoena today. Because of the car theft I witnessed in April. The guy who delivered it to me said to call a week before the trial to see if I'm needed to testify. Oh joy. There's a possibility they wouldn't need me, because he was caught, tackled actually, running from the vehicle. Hollywood does car jacking much different from what the guy was doing. And usually it's much faster, this guy took a long time, and made a phone call half way through. It looked like my neighbor fooling around, otherwise I would have called the police. Whatever.

Met Peter for lunch today. That was nice. We talked about all sorts of things, and he was happy to get out of the office. Then I drove up to visit Tigger and Lincoln to try to jump start one of their cars because the ex-wife has their jumper cables (long story) and is avoiding them. So we tried, but the battery had sustained some minimal damage in a wreck from a year previous, but had been slowly deteriorating. So as soon as the cables were connected, the battery started fizzing. At least that's what Lincoln said, I couldn't see it from where I was. Then after about a minute or two, it sparked and I turned off the truck and Lincoln disconected the cables. Whoops. So, the battery is toast now, theirs, not mine, thank goodness. So we talked for a long time, then Tigger had to leave to go to orientation at her new job. I took a bunch of baby plants home. They hadn't been watered in a while, so I watered them, hopefully they'll live.

On the job front, apparently 3 of the 4 of us in the frame shop want to leave, me included. Hmmm. One person already got a 2nd job, a MUCH better paying job, but wants to stay part time at Michaels for the discount. The frameshop was supposed to get another person, but somehow there aren't enough hours for the new person to work back there, so she has to stay as a cashier for now. Which, when this happened last month, the person got a promotion and could no longer also work in the frameshop. And the person before that got a call that her sister had been in a car accident, so left work without telling anyone till an hour or something later. So was "demoted" to a cashier, but apparently was usless and either quit or was fired. I don't know which, and don't care. So it's kinda stressfull there at the moment, and when someone calls out sick, such as this morning, there's only so many people to call, and we don't want to be there.



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