Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jenny Stuff

Sorry the last picture with the keys is out of focus, I had the camera set on landscapes not close ups, and after I switched it, I didn't want to get the camera or my keys that close to the spider again. :) It's a big thing huh? It's actually a little bigger then the white one I saw in the bedroom some months ago that freaked me out. But not bigger by much. This one is longer, and the white one was much fatter.

Yesterday my Dad turned 56, but I had to close at work, so we're going over to Cda to eat Mexican food at my family's favorite restuarant tonight, then back to their home to eat cake.

Last Thursday was my friend Jenni's birthday, she's now 27 and complaining that she's getting old. Although I think that might have had to do with her kids. ;} I had to close that day too, so we spent the day together on Friday. We had a good time, and so did her son, but her daughter was a little punk as usual. But she's only 3, what can you do? Jenni and I did almost manage to break Jenni's hand, but it was only bruised, thank goodness. I can only say that I DID tell her to close the van's back door before we open the garage door, and she thought it would fit. Well it didn't, and she got her hand stuck when she tried to close the van door WHILE the garage door was trying to go up. But she's fine. I swear. Although Eric probably thinks I'm the devil. Something always seems to happen when she and I are together (not always bad mind you). No matter that I've known her for 21 years... :) Anyway, we had cake before that, while the kids were taking a nap. It was fat free angel food cake, with fat free and probably sugar free chocolate pudding with some sort of candy mixed in. It looked like a soggy mess, but it tasted good. Mmmm.

Peter had to record Heroes for me last night, and I watched it earlier today. Soooo awesome. Really, if you haven't seen it yet, go watch the episodes you've missed on-line at www.nbc.com. GO NOW!

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