Monday, December 18, 2006


This last week just flew by - well, truth be told, it was mostly from both of us being in such a daze from working so much, but the effect was quite similar. :)

We've barely had any time to do, well, anything except work. We both had all of Sunday off, and we spent it doing as little as possible (slept in, watched TV all day that we'd taped earlier in the week, and then went out to eat and wandered around the mall for a couple of hours). We plan to be much more productive after the first of the year when all this craziness is over. And after working two jobs and going nonstop from 7-11 almost every day, it'll seem like we've got lots of free time with just our one job.

And speaking of jobs, Jenny officially got her promotion instated this last Saturday. She's now Senior Certified Framer! I'm assuming that her raise will kick in on this next paycheck, although there's no sign of her supposed benfits yet. But we've been too busy to really worry about that - something else to deal with after the first of the year.

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