Thursday, January 18, 2007

What's Happening....

Gah, it's been exactly a month since the last post....

Thank goodness that whole "working two jobs" thing is over. We are NOT doing that next Christmas - No Way, Bad Idea. We were so stressed out, we barely got to enjoy the holidays, although New Years was fun and low key (we had Lincoln and Tigger over for drinks and movies).

The extra money was nice, though. And right now the money is about the only thing I'm enjoying about my regular job. One of the guys in the office left just after Christmas, so we've been shorthanded for a while now and it's been taking it's toll. We did hire a new guy, who started this week, but now we've got to take time out to train him so it's getting worse before it'll get better. Wow, I need a new job. It's hard to believe that I've been there for almost a year (as of February 1st).

Jenny's job is on again/off again. Some days it's pretty great, apparently. Other days (like yesterday, when everybody was crazily trying to get inventory done) - not so much.

For now, we're just trying to relax a little more with what free time we have and not get stressed out over all the things we should be doing. Watching a little TV, actually reading some of the hundreds of books we accumulate, that sort of thing.

I finally started reading the Harry Potter series - The books are fairly easy reads, so my goal is to get through one each month, which will get me caught up in time for the last book (and 5th movie) to be released in July. I'm going to try to read atleast one other book a month as well. Right now it's The Orientalist by Tom Reiss.

We even went to a movie this week, which hasn't happened in a while. There's usually not much in the theatres that I can justify spending $20.00 to see, but we decided we had to see Curse of the Golden Flower on the big screen. While we were expecting a typical martial arts epic with lots of wire work, we got a very serious, heavy drama, which also had some incredible martial arts in it. It was really good, though - highly recommended.

I'd also like to see The Good Shepherd (which is also in theatres right now), but I may be able to wait until DVD for that one. We'll see....

American Idol started this week, which we're hooked on again, and our other TV shows start showing new episodes beginning next week (Prisonbreak and Heroes on Monday!).

Atleast tomorrow is Friday - the weekend can't get here fast enough. And Jenny actually ended up with a 3 day weekend (Sat-Mon off)! We'll probably head into CdA sometime, and I still need to finish cleaning the bathroom (yay). Maybe we'll even go see another movie.... :)

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