Thursday, May 17, 2007

Job Search

Today was supposed to be Jenny's interview with the framing place she applied for (originally back when she was still working for Michaels). However... when she found out it would probably be for the Northtown store (which would mean a major commute) she wasn't sure if it would be worth it. When she then learned that all of the employees are basically "floaters", moving back and forth between the three different locations, she told them she wasn't interested and cancelled the interview.

The whole point of the job was it was supposed to be the full time, reliable job with the dependable schedule, conveniently located at the Valley mall. It turned out to be not even half of those things... But she doesn't need a job right now, especially with all of the wedding work to be done and everything else going on. So she's still looking for a job - just not any job. :)

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