Wednesday, May 16, 2007

T-minus 2 Months....

Today (yesterday, I guess technically) was the 15th, which is our anniversary and means it's exactly 2 months till the big day. We had originally planned on going out to the movies, since we had a free ticket thanks to our Regal Crown Club card, but there really wasn't anything playing at the Valley theater (except Spiderman...). So instead we headed over to Hastings after I got off work and rented a couple of movies and picked up some Chinese food from our favorite place before heading home.

We watched Music & Lyrics tonight, which was a very cute romantic comedy which was incredibly silly but surprisingly funny. I was kinda amazed at how much comedic talent Hugh Grant has, but that might be because I don't normally see his movies, as they're usually silly romantic comedies... He also did all his own singing, which was equally impressive.

Marina (my manager) surpised me today by giving us a bottle of wine as an engagement present. We aren't really much of wine drinkers, but this was actually pretty good. It was also a nice finishing touch to our rather low key romantic evening.

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