Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Birthday Girl, etc.

I forgot to post anything last week, and totally missed mentioning Jenny's birthday on Thursday. So, here's a happy belated birthday post for her - Happy 28th! We didn't do anything extraordinarily exciting for her birthday, unfortunately, although we did go over to CdA and her parents took us out to Outback for dinner and her mom made her an angelfood cake.

I did take some time to set up a MySpace account for her, which she's been meaning to do for a while, but I spend waaay more time online than she does and I enjoy doing that sort of thing more than she. But now that she has one, she can connect with some of her old friends from high school and our friends back in Fbx. I also started setting up her own deviantArt account, which she can potentially use to sell prints of her artwork! Both pages need some customization, but they're added into our revised links list over on the right.

Other random stuff:

Pizza Hut has brought back the P'Zone, which we ate a whole lot of back in Fbx when they were first on the menu. Probably not healthy at all, but we're still happy they're back. Now we just need to eat them in moderation. :)

Also, normal Vanilla Coke is back, which makes me happy. For a while all I could find was the Cherry-Vanilla variety, but I guess they decided to swap them out again. Yay!

But I'm really trying to cut down on my soda intake - drinking more juice and water, and ideally cutting down to a soda a day (which hasn't really happened yet, but I'm getting closer). I drink waaay too much soda, as it stands....

Similarly, we're trying to get back in the habit of going for walks and ease back into moderate exercise. We both need to lose weight and get in better shape, and we need to start somewhere. We'd also still like to start rollerblading (been saying that since we got down here 3 years ago...).

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