Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Update With Less Then 2 Weeks To Go

Last Saturday I had my wedding shower. Jenni threw it at her house, and her mom, my mom, sister and one of my aunts, and my friend Tigger all came. We all had a great time talking and opening presents and watching Jenni's son be funny. When I got home and started opening stuff completely, I found that the plates in both boxes of dishes where broken. :( One set of plates was practically powder, and only one was broken in the other set. One of the sets of bowls was fine (oddly enough the only one I opened at the shower), but the other one had a bowl with a crack almost all the way through it. I didn't even get down to the mugs in either set, so I don't know if they were broken too or not. Peter and I returned them to Sears yesterday, but they didn't have any more, so they called over to the North store, and they said they had two. So, we stopped to have Thai food for dinner (mmm!), then headed up to the other Sears, but when we got there, the girl had been mistaken, and they only had one. Maybe, she wasn't instilling confidence in me, so we decided to keep our gift card, and try the Sears in CDA. I was supposed to be doing that now (right meow), but home stuff and writing back and forth with friends through myspace has kept me from leaving, so I guess I'll head over there this evening or tomorrow.

I also got my wedding dress back yesterday, and though I do weigh more then I want to (Grrr!), and I am eating better and trying to exercise more, I still look great in it. But that's what wedding dresses do. When I head over to CDA, I need to get Mom to help me into the dress so she can hem it.

I also need to return Dad's wedding suit to him. I didn't even know my parents still had their wedding clothes till Dad offered his for Peter to wear. But though the pants fit fine (very 70's), the sleeves of the jacket were too short. Peter and I went to Value Village several days ago and found two suits that fit him and were good colors. I think one was $9.99, and the other $6.99. Bargins! Yay! Last night he found a good shirt to wear with the grayer one, and now just needs shoes.

This past weekend, Peter also rearanged the studio area (formerly living room), and took a bunch of boxes out to the garage (after sweeping it out). It looks really good, and we've got LOTS of room now. Everything was so cramped before, I'm surprised we didn't move stuff sooner. We also took the TV out of the bedroom and heaved it up onto a sturdy and wide bookcase by the computer. So now we can watch TV while working on art or playing on the computer. We'll have to get a VCR or something for the TV so we can watch movies too. Our bedroom still needs work, but we don't spend a lot of time in there. The bathroom could use some shelves. And the kitchen needs to be gutted and just redone completely, but that's never going to happen. We are going to get a stand alone pantry though, so we can put food in there and free up room to put our new pots and pans in a cupboard, instead of leaving them in their box where they do me no good.

So, back to wedding stuff, we still need to put in our orders for the food and get drinks and some champaigne and sparkling cider for toasts. We really need to buckle down and decide on our vows and how the ceremony is going to go. And there are other nit picky things, but those are the big two things left. So, ALMOST READY. AAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! It's so close! Ooo! Need to find out when to pick up the marriage certificate too! THAT, is important. Name changing papers too. :)

Happy 4th of July! (tomorrow!)

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