Monday, June 18, 2007

Water Powered Cars

Here's an interesting video that I haven't seen in a while. Here's the synopsis:

"Denny Klein just patented his process of converting H2O to HHO, producing a gas that combines the atomic power of hydrogen with the chemical stability of water. "it turns right back to water. In fact, you can see the h20 running off the sheet metal." Klein originally designed his water-burning engine for cutting metal. He thought his invention could replace acetylene in welding factories. Then one day as he drove to his laboratory in Clearwater, he thought of another way to burn his HHO gas. "On a 100 mile trip, we use about four ounces of water." Klein says his prototype 1994 Ford Escort can travel exclusively on water, though he currently has it rigged to run as a water and gasoline hybrid."

The end of the video mentions that he's made a Hummer for the Army that is also a water/gas hybrid, and that it's met all safety standards and whatnot. I've been waiting to see where this goes for at least a year if not longer. So if the video is getting circulated again, maybe he's moving farther in getting water burning engines approved for not just the military, but for all of us. Just think of the good this will do for the environment. Although, the economy will likely suffer some, because we would need less oil. But even if water utility prices rise, water still falls from the sky, and theoretically, anyone could have cheap power for heat and to power their vehicles. I think this is a great thing, and I hope oil companies don't try to hold this back the way they held back the introduction of electric cars. IMO!

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