Sunday, June 17, 2007

Quick Update

Not a whole lot going on, really - mainly just work-work-working with a little bit of wedding stuff on the side. We did go over to Tigger's place yesterday and hung out for a while and helped her with some of her landscaping projects. Also got to meet her new puppy, Geo, who's absolutely adorable. Held off on going into CdA this weekend, as Jenny's folks are out of town, visiting her Aunt's family in Portland. Jenny did finally get her dress in, and had her fitting today, so they can do the needed alterations.

Otherwise, just catching up on DVDs, and we got out to see Shrek 3 on Friday. I think it was actually funnier than the last one, which was kinda surprising. Fantastic Four 2 also came out this week, which we'll get around to seeing soon, even though all the reviewers seem to hate it (judging by the various article headlines I see online - but I haven't read the articles...). There's far too many summer blockbusters coming out this year to keep up with, so I fear we're going to be a couple of week's behind for quite a while.

In work news, the "new girl" has already left - Friday was her last day. And now Brian has 2 weeks remaining before he's gone as well, which will drop the main staff down to just Derek and myself. Originally, the boss had toyed with the idea of not hiring a new 3rd person, but luckily he changed his mind and put an ad in the paper. Hopefully we'll have a better pool of applicants this time around....

Oh yeah, and we finally got our garage. Only took them, what... 8 months? :)

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