Saturday, July 14, 2007


Ok, dinner with Peter's family, check. Breakfast with my family, check. Peter's haircut, check. Moved everything we need to wedding sight, check. Rehersal, check. Dinner with wedding party, minus Jenni, check. Long talk with wedding party, minus Jenni, about learning to drive and other funny things and eventually leading back to see if anything needs to be added to the ceremony, and deciding everything is fine, check.

Tomorrow, still need to get my hair cut and styled with flowers in it. Then lunch with Jenni, then back to her parents house to make sure everything is set up and all food is there. Then get into dress (with help), and get makeup on. After Peter's dressed, we go outside and get pictures taken. Then back inside to cool off and wait for guests to all get in and sit. Then music starts and everything is as perfect as it can be. And then get married!

Hooray! :D

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