Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday The 13th!

Dishes! My maid of honor, Jenni, met me at the mall yesterday because she had to go there anyways for some errands and she was feeling feisty and wanted to go to Sears with me to talk to a manager about the dishes fiasco. She'd been stewing on the information ever since I told her, and she thought that Peter and I had been treated very unfairly and wanted to make it right. So, we walked up to a small group of employees and Jenni unceremoniously said that she had a complaint. The first guy said that we needed to talk to a manager, and that there was one sitting at one of the computer kiosks. Once he was in our sights, you wouldn't believe how fast the others left to find other things to do, far away from us. The guy was very helpful, and now there's 2 replacement boxes of dishes on the way to Jenni's house. Hopefully they'll survive the shipping, but the guy said that we could of course bring them in if they come in broken as the first ones did. He also said he was pretty sure he knew who the girl was who had been so unhelpful, and that she was going to get a talking to. Whatever, she's young and doesn't care, she'll either improve her attitude while with a customer, or she'll quit and get some other crappy job. But, the important thing is that I have new dishes coming! Hooray!

Lets see... We've been slowly picking up the last little things we need for the wedding and putting in the orders for the food and cupcakes. For some reason, carrot cake wasn't an option for cupcakes at Safeway, so I just went with half vanilla/ half chocolate. The tops will be sprayed with blue food coloring, and little red rose buds with little green leaves will be over the color. I really wanted blue jewelery for the wedding, but I just couldn't find what I wanted, so I went with silver and clear, sparkly glass or zirconium gems. So, I have my bling. ;)

Peter and I almost didn't get the wedding licence in time. We got it on the last day possible, because of the 3 day waiting period here. Nr. But we have it, no problem. But we're not the only last minuters. Our officiant and his wife told us that they also waited till the last minute to get theirs. And the couple who were also at the auditors office to get a marriage license when we were, they were very disappointed that they couldn't get married that same day.

I still need more coolers for the drinks. And some other stuff... Hmmm, looks like my brain just stalled. Overload. Been happening a lot recently.

Peter's parents and his oldest sister got in last night, and his brother and other sister and her husband (and all his camera equipment!) should be getting in from Seattle in a few hours. Once Peter gets off work, we'll head to some restaurant for dinner, then Peter and I will go over to the mall to get him a haircut. We had originally thought to do a dinner after the rehearsal, but that would have been around 20 people, and we weren't sure where to have dinner, so the Foglesongs suggested we do a dinner tonight with just Peter's side of the family.

I've talked to my Dad a couple times today, trying to coordinate where we're going to meet tomorrow to do the setup and to go together with Tigger to get the tables and chairs. He also wanted to know about the dinner Saturday night. He reminded me that my relatives from Portland were on their way now, but didn't know when the relatives from Montana would be getting here. So, I mentioned the dinner tonight, and I didn't know if we should have a double family thing, or just the Foglesongs, so I told him, maybe my side could do breakfast tomorrow, since the wedding party was hoping to head out after the rehearsal for dinner and drinks (except Jenni of course). But, I'll run everything past Peter, since he and his folks are the ones planning dinner, and my brain is fried.

Since we've got all sorts of relatives in town, we've been noticing that we haven't really been cleaning for the past, uh, month. So, I cleaned the bathroom this morning. Ugh, soap scum. I just need the towels to finish drying, then I'll hang them up and the bathroom will be beautiful again. I should probably vacuum too. Well, that's all for now, Peter can add stuff if he wants later.

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