Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm So Sick of Being Sick....

Just a cold or something like it, maybe the flu, whatever's been going around, but it was enough to knock me out for the day. Took off from work and slept most of the day away, except when I was in front of the computer or the TV. Yay for productivity... Did watch the recent Zodiac movie on DVD, which was really good - highly recommended. Although there's apparently a special edition with deleted scenes and what-not coming out relatively soon, so folks might want to wait for that.

So we've been home from Fairbanks for over a week and had every intention of posting some thoroughly indepth review/analysis of our week back in AK, with pictures and a day by day recap. Obviously that hasn't happened yet... Don't really know when that's going to happen - whenever I've got the time and/or energy to dedicate to organizing all of our pictures and thoughts into a slightly more cohesive whole.

Jenny's on the job hunt right now - she's got some prospects, but no real bites yet. There's a job at the museum that she's qualified for and really wants, so we've got our fingers crossed for that one. Otherwise, I'm just plodding away at my job... I decided I was going to wait until she was actually hired somewhere before putting in my notice, so we're not jobless for any stretch of time.

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