Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Been working on putting the apartment back together, specifically our studio space. It's beginning to actually look like... a studio! (amazing)

I haven't done much in the art department recently, but Jenny's picked up some canvases and is working on more water-life-series paintings. Hooray for unemployment!

I've now become hooked on Sudoku puzzles. Eh, so I'm a little late to the scene on that one...

Jenny's job hunting continues. She's only had one interview so far, and while it apparently went really well, she still hasn't heard back from them, which is unfortunately discouraging.

Finally took care of our thank you notes for the wedding. Just snuck in under that "send out within 2 months after the wedding" window...

Oh, and I'm well over the plague I had a little bit ago. Jenny and I both keep passing some little cold back and forth, but nothing major. Just normal sneezing and sniffles. Would be nice to be completely over it, though.

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