Thursday, August 02, 2007

North! To Alaska!

The FJ Cruiser is now in my name and has new Washington plates. Even though Mom had signed over the cruiser, when I went to the Department of Licensing, they said they couldn't (wouldn't) proceed until I had a note from my mother stating that she gifted the car to me. Yes, you heard me, a note... from my mother... saying it was ok to put the cruiser in my name. So dumb. So I drove to CDA and got the note, which Mom tried to keep the sarcasam down as she wrote it. Then after a short visit so that I wouldn't waste the trip, I drove back to the DOL and they read the note, and finished the paperwork, took my check and handed over the new plates. What a pain. Peter wasn't impressed with the DOL when I told him, and he said that it was a good thing he wasn't there. I agree, because he might have said something that would have delayed me getting the cruiser in my name!

I finished the seventh Harry Potter book on Wednesday the 25th around 1AM. It was really good.

I've finished the laundry and have been packing for the trip. Looks like all the extra cameras from the wedding will have to go on our carry on, as the undeveloped film won't survive the x-rays. We're probably not going to take much, since we're going up there to visit with whomever has time, take lots of pictures and just relax. The only things we have planned so far, that I remember, is a BBQ when we first get in tomorrow with the extended family :), Sunday morning church to meet people there, and a Cake concert with friends on Friday the 10th at the Blue Loon. I wonder if the Loon is any different then the last time I saw it years ago? Doubt it.

Peter and I picked up a Tracfone to use while we're up there, so we should be easy to get a hold of. If you want the number for it, we'll either send out an e-mail, or if you have our home phone number, call that and if I'm home I'll pick up or call you back with the number. Not that it's likely that any random person is going to find the number if I post it here and call it, but I'm not going to take that chance.

Can't wait to get back up there! It might be rainy when we get there, but we chose fair season, we knew what we were getting into. And at least it's not -40F!

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