Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Meanwhile, In TV land:

Heroes continues to rock. We've been making a ritual of watching it with Shannan and Scott and this week they treated us to barbeque. otherwise we're still enjoying Prisonbreak, Bones, Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, Numbers and all of the various comedies on NBC Thursday nights. Not a lot of new shows this season that we've warmed up to, but Reaper is hilarious and Beauty & the Geek and Moonlight are a couple of guilty pleasures we've been enjoying. Medium and Jericho are coming back eventually and I think there are a couple of new mid-season shows with potential that I'm forgetting.

We spent most of this weekend relaxing and catching up on the week's TV, as well getting the computer cleaned up a little. We finally got some more RAM for the ol' PC as well as a shiny new video card - Jenny's dad was nice enough to come over and install them for us. We were way overdue to back up everything on the hard drives, so I went ahead and did that as well as uninstalling/deleting a bunch of useless programs that were still on the machine and defragged both drives. Fun, fun, fun... but it needed to be done.

November's fast approaching, and with it National Novel Writing Month. We're going to attempt to participate again, hopefully with more success than last year. Actually Jenny got quite a lot done on her novel, but mine was a bust. This year we've both already got ideas, and this time I'll try not to change my mind at the last minute and come up with something completely different. :) Oh, and we're both going to write super-hero stories this year...

Jenny's had some promising interviews, and we're really hoping for one job at a local gallery that she's been going for. We've got a new guy at my job (3rd new employee in 3 months...), who I think is going to work out OK, or atleast better than the last two.

Edit: I (Jenny) had an interview with a local library yesterday, that went well. However, it's only 5 hours a day Tuesday through Saturday, so I'd need a 2nd job even if I got the position. But I know libraries, so that part would be fine. However, I just now got off the phone with the art gallery, and they want a 2nd interview (technically the 4th interview if I count the mini phone chats) today. So, of course I said yes, today is great! The interview is at their house. And when I talked to one of the owners of the gallery, she said she was trying to coordinate the interview with another woman that they "want to hire too." I don't think I'm competing with the other woman, I think she might be the hire for the position they actually put an ad in the paper for, and I'm the lucky framer who caught their attention and made my OWN position. So that's good. I got the feeling they might want us to meet each other, as well as have another interview. I REALLY REALLY hope they hire me. I want to work there. And I hope the hours and pay are good too. I'll keep you posted! -J

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