Sunday, October 07, 2007

Day Three In Fairbanks

On Sunday we went to Alaska Land to see if anything was different, and to go into the Air Museum there, which niether of us had been in in many, many years. It was cool. Lots of neat planes and helicopters, pieces of wrecks, and old clothes and other articles. Yes, I was allowed to sit in that helicopter, and put that helmet on. :) It was the only thing there that was touchable. In the Native Village, the gift shop that no one had ever really liked has been turned into a little museum. Also, the path into the "village" has been moved so that you have to go through the museum to get to the path, instead of walking by the antler sculpture. Almost all of the buildings have been taken down for some reason, and the "path" sort of petered out to nothing instead of leading near the back exit, which no longer exists. So, that was disapointing. I got the impression that the plays that occasionaly were held there no longer are. On the other hand, the old "train station" has been shut down and a nice new one has been built next to it. I think it might have had a gift shop or a itty bitty museum, but I didn't go over there. We looked through another museum, this one in the "town" area, while it rained cats and dogs outside. We bypassed most of the shops, but stopped in one and I ended up buying a pretty green amber ring. They had regular yellow amber, green, and a dark red amber too. I had had no idea that amber came in different colors. Apparently the dark red is the rarest. But I liked the green the best. And the rings were very reasonably priced. While I had been in the helicopter, Alex had called and asked if we'd go to see the Simpson's Movie with him and Ellie.
After we left Alaska Land, we went to the Fair. It looked about the same as it usually does. We dropped by a booth that's run by a friend of Peter's, but she was off having lunch, so we went to look at the Forestry booth and go to the art and photography building near it. There wasn't anyone I knew at the Forestry booth, but the booth itself was still in good condition. I sort of helped build it, and my sister and I would sometimes go to the fair with Dad when it was his turn to man the booth, so it holds good memories for me. At the art exhibit, there were some really great pieces. A little girl had entered several paintings and drawings, Happy Dong, I swear that's her name, and she was very talented. Then we went back to Peter's friend, Ellen's booth and found her there. They talked for quite a while and I looked at the artistic stationary and other cool things that she was selling, and joined in the conversation a little too. Somewhere in there we ate some fair food, and it was delicious.
Then, we headed to the movies. Well, we might have stopped back by Josh's place to rest or something, but I don't remember. We got to the theater before Alex and Ellie, and briefly saw Rob again as he was leaving. I think he saw Harry Potter, but I could be completley wrong. The Simpsons Movie was awesome! It was so funny, I couldn't even believe it. At one point, one guy threw binoculars at the dome over the town in frustration and they unexpectedly bounced back and hit him in the head. I actually shrieked out loud in laughter, which embarassed me a little, but it didn't stop me from continuing to enjoy the movie. After the movie, we talked outside for a while, Alex had just quit his job that weekend and the story was very funny. We didn't end up going to Denny's though, so maybe Ellie had to work the next morning or something. Then back to Josh's to sleep. It was really hot in Josh's condo, and the fan was barely helping, but it wasn't too bad while it was raining outside. Once it started getting warmer out though, it was a sauna!

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