Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Maintenance and Stuff

On Monday, the maintenance guy and his learning assistant checked the water heater and found that it had been drained and tinkered with previously, so (thankfully) it was time to replace it. Between about 9am to 11:40am, they disconnected and drained the old one, sawed up the wall a little to accomodate a larger hose or something, used a small blowtorch on the pipes to loosen them and stunk up the place, rattled loudly down the stairs with the dead heater on a hand cart, installed the new water heater, then made a huge racket reconnecting it before "letting it set" while they went to lunch. After lunch, they ended up banging on the walls for some reason, then used the blowtorch again (I guess to create a tighter seal when the metal cools), set off the fire alarm, then made even more noise taking the empty hand cart down the concrete stairs. Oh yeah, they also noticed that the bathroom lights were starting to buzz, which they hadn't been before they got there. Coincedence? Or really, really good timing? Either way, it's fixed now.

The reason I bring up how much noise the maintenance people made is because I think the downstairs neighbor who slams the door so hard it shakes the whole building was home. The vindictive part of me (a small part), hopes she was really annoyed, but couldn't complain because it was the maintenance people. :D The only thing that would have been better is if she had done the usual door slam while they were there and then got in trouble for it, because it can't be good for the building, let alone her door jam (or my dishes!). Let it go Jenny...

Oh, and my cabachon class this past weekend was cancelled and hasn't been rescheduled yet. :( I like all the rock club classes, they're fun and interesting.

My boss at work said that one of the other pages is going to go on vacation next month, and wanted to know if I want to pick up her hours. I said yes! She hasn't given me the schedule yet, since it's a couple weeks away, but I'm happy for the additional time.

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