Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Update

We headed over to Jenny's folks' place yesterday for a Memorial Day family barbeque. Mostly just sat around and ate and relaxed. Jenny's dad had just come back from a rock hunting trip to Oregon and had lots of stuff to show off, and Aunt Joan came over so we got to see her as well. Then Jamie came over in the evening and we rented the new Beowulf movie, which could have been pretty good, but the CGI animation looked too much like Shrek, so I couldn't really take it seriously.

We also rented Shoot 'Em Up and War and watched those on Saturday. Shoot 'Em Up was entertaining but rediculously silly and over the top (which I guess was the point - I suppose it was as much a parody of action movies as it was one itself). War was good, but not really what I was expecting. I assumed it was just going to be a typical martial arts action movie, and it ended up trying too hard to be a serious cop drama. Still pretty good, but not my favorite Jet Li movie by a long shot.

Dragged myself out of bed later than I wanted today, but the plan is to get some (much needed) cleaning done on the apartment, or atleast started. Probably do some job hunting in the paper and on-line, and hopefully some art in there somewhere as well.

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