Saturday, June 21, 2008


Feels like the week kinda flew by, but here we are already....

Happy (early) birthday to Jenny - her big day is tomorrow. And a happy solstice to everybody else. :) No big plans, although Tigger and Lincoln should be coming over to hang out tomorrow night. We'll maybe watch a movie? Don't really have the funds to do much else right now.

We signed our new lease today, so I guess we'll be here for the forseeable future, or atleast for the next 6 months. Really didn't want to have to stay any longer, but we didn't have much of a choice - we can't afford to move right now so we're stuck for the time being. Oh, and they raised our rent again. Yay.

I've been experimenting with watercolors again, and had forgotten how much fun they are to use. Jenny even found a couple sets of watercolor pencils that she had stashed away and gave them to me today. Awesome. :)

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