Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Science Fiction

We caught the new X-Files flick ("I Want To Believe") on Sunday, thanks to Jenny's dad who took us to see it. Jenny and I both consider ourselves pretty big fans of the series, so we definately wanted to see this one in the theatre - gotta support it, in hopes of a sequel. Good thing we went when we did, as it's already down to one showing in the local cinema, and will probably be gone by the weekend....

I really enjoyed it - it was closer in tone to the early "mystery-of-the-week" episodes, and had none of the grand alien conspiracy overtones of the later seasons. The first movie was all about the aliens, and I did enjoy it (more than a lot of those later episodes), but the new movie really stood up on it's own as a solid mystery/suspense/thriller.

Unfortunately, I think they made a mistake releasing it when they did, as there was no way it was going to compete with some of the big summer blockbusters in the theatre right now (e.g. Dark Knight, Mummy 3), especially since it really could be watched on the small screen without losing anything from the experience. All in all though, it was still a great film which was definately worth my money - which is getting harder and harder to say nowadays.

In other sci-fi entertainment news, we've been watching the DVDs of the Sci-Fi channel's Eureka TV series. Jenny borrowed the first season from her parents, just to give it a shot (since we don't have cable, we'd only seen ads, but no episodes), and it ended up being really funny. The special effects can be a bit iffy at times (that's the Sci-Fi channel for you), but the wacky storylines and great cast chemistry more than makes up for it. Season 2 just came out, and luckily Jenny's dad bought it and watched the whole thing already. So now we're borrowing it and quickly burning through the discs.

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