Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weather Report

I'm seriously getting sick of this August heat - it just saps all of the energy out of me to the point where I'm basically useless during the middle of the day. Which is why I'm typing this post now, at 2:00 in the morning....

Sunday was supposedly our hottest day of the year (at one point it said it was 107), and I really hope the weatherman is right for once. Tonight we got a little bit of rain, but it came with hail, 70 MPH winds and lightning strikes... which, of course, started more wildfires. Thankfully none of the fires were near us this time, but it is kind of rediculous - we finally get some rain, and things catch on fire?

It might actually be cooling off a bit later in the week (down to the 70s), but then most likely warm back up for the weekend. Yay. More rain is supposed to also come as the week progresses (fingers crossed).

Speaking of rain - we did have a really awesome thunderstorm just over a week ago, during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. It was probably the biggest lightning display I had seen since we got down here and was really impressive. Jenny got a few pictures of the sky lit up, which I'll post up on our flickr account soon.

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