Friday, September 26, 2008

Good News

Jenny got the job!! :D

Her interview was on Monday, and we knew by that afternoon, but she couldn't really tell anyone until everything was finalized and her (current) boss knew about it. But everything's all good now, and she'll be starting next week. Her last day as a page is Tuesday, and then she'll spend the rest of the week doing training stuff for the new position.

This is great news, especially since they've been having less and less work for her at the law firm. And now she'll be at the library full time (30 hours), making more money, and still able to work a day or two at the law firm each week. Awesome!

We're still waiting for them to replace our windows. The workers made it to our building yesterday, but only got our neighbors' units done. We were expecting/ready for them to be in our apartment first thing this morning.... and apparently they decided to take the day off today.

We haven't seen them at all today, and I really doubt if they'd work on the weekends. We'll probably have to wait till Monday morning (at the earliest) for them to show up so we can put the apartment back to normal. I'm just sick of the waiting....

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