Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Road Construction and Job Updates

We just got a notice from the apartment office that starting tomorrow, the 18th, and running till next Tuesday, the 23rd, that no one can use the front entrance to the apt complex since they'll be repaving. Luckily, there's a super secret back entrance to the complex that's usually fenced and chained shut, and leads out onto an overgrown road that leads to... Mansfield. Oh wait, that road is being torn up right now, and is completely blocked off by Wilbur (traffic circle), so we'll all have to go the other direction which leads to... Pines! Which is also being torn up right now and 1/2 of it is blocked off as well! Aaagh!

I guess the real question is, how early will I have to leave the apt to get to either of my jobs on time? I HAVE NO IDEA. But I guess I'll be finding out tomorrow! >:(

Oh, and law firm job told me not to come in today, since they didn't have anything for me to do. I can come in Thursday though. Assuming I can GET there of course.

The apt office is also replacing all the windows and sliding doors of all the apts for better insulation. Our apt is coming up soonish. Hard to say when. The note said they were starting on the B buildings this week, of which there are 8 and we live in #4. I don't know how long it takes them per window, and if they're really doing every window. Anyways, they left notes on everyone's doors to move all our stuff away from the windows so the people can work, and of course Peter and I have something hard to move by every window. Luckily, Peter's been busy and has rearanged the office and studio areas again, so now the computer desk is away from the window, and just about everything has found a new home (or will find itself in the garage till we get a bigger place). My plant stand is on carpet slider things which are very helpful, so they can stay in the window till the guys actually get here. The futon is likewise moveable, but since we lined the walls with bookshelves, there isn't really anywhere to put it. Hmmm.

And the poor bed. We have a queen sized bed, under the window, with a huge stack of mostly full comic boxes between the foot of the bed and the closet. So there is really NO place to put the bed at the moment. Peter has a plan though to rearange the bedroom that should work, so we'll be able to move the bed down to the closet, freeing up the window. What a pain!

The office also said they'd be replacing old appliances too, and boy do I need a new stove/oven!!! But who knows if all appliances will be replaced, or only the worst... Sigh. I'm happy that they are sprucing up the place and making some things more modern (green), but it's still an apt complex, and we'd still be happier living in a house, with no one on the other side of the walls.

Oh, speaking of the other people on the other side of the wall... Some or all of the obnoxious neighbors next to us have moved out! No more skanky teenagers and their "thug" boyfriends! No more people smoking outside the door and leaving sunflower seed shells on the stairs attracting birds and who knows what! No more people stomping up and down the stairs and having conversations/yelling matches in the stairwell or just in front of the building!!! Whooo! Maybe. I don't know which ones left, and if it was all of them, who knows who/what could move in next...

I have a job interview on Monday for a circulation position that's split between 2 different libraries, both of which are closer then the one I currently work at. It's the same library system, County vs City, so if I got the job, it would be a transfer and promotion, not quiting one and starting new at another. I like being a page, and I was feeling bad about leaving the library I currently work at (again, assuming I GET the job), but with the law firm starting to run out of things for me to do, and finding out that the circ job comes with benefits, I don't feel bad at all now. And it's not like I'll never see the people I work with now ever again. Most of them also rotate between the different libraries. Because of working at the public library up in Fairbanks, even though it was a page position, there were more duties attached to that position that are considered circ duties down here, plus it was a larger library with lots of people using it. And, having worked in this library system for about 7 months now, I already know the policies, so if I were hired, I'd really only need to be trained on the computer system! I'm excited! I'm sure it will go well, and I'll leave extra early to be sure to make it through the construction so I can get to the interview on time. Peter or I will post if I got the job or not.

That's all the updates I can think of for now. Hope anyone reading this is having a great day!

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