Monday, September 08, 2008

Road Dis-Repair

They've decided to tear up basically all of the roads leading to our apartment at once (if you're in Spokane and playing at home, that's Montgomery, Pines, Wilbur and Mansfield). Apparently the "plan" is (or atleast was) to put a light in at the Montgomery/Wilbur intersection, and a roundabout at the Wilbur/Mansfield intersection. I think they're tearing up Pines just 'cause they're already in the neighborhood (maybe they want the overtime).

But now, judging from the size of the hole they've dug, we think they might be skipping the light and making a giant roundabout to connect Wilbur, Mansfield and Montgomery in some monstrosity of a traffic pretzel.

Add to this the fact that our apartment complex just started re-paving the whole parking lot, and it equals even more fun. Atleast we're at the front of the complex, and are the first section to get done, so we should be in the clear by the end of the week. Still, I'm already sick of the stench and the building shaking, and it's only Monday.

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