Sunday, October 26, 2008

Commissions & Moderation in Sketch-Blogging

I'm thinking now, instead of posting whatever random sketches I happened to do for the day, every day, I'm just going to post 'em up once a week, probably on Sunday. Still trying to draw (something) every day - the blogging will just be more efficient this way, and hopefully be less likely to annoy the few readers of this blog with continual updates. So, yeah, that'll more than likely start next week.

I was inspired by an illustrator named Dani Jones, who has started posting her "Daily Doodles" in weekly chunks on her own blog as a similar "draw something for yourself every day" type of exercise. Her blog is here: Dani Jones Illustration, and she also has a website with a lot of cool tutorials and information for artists: Dani Draws. Awesome stuff - I'd recommend any artist to check out her site!

While I have been trying to draw stuff for myself, as well as work on a couple of commission projects, I've also spent time (still) looking for a day job and worrying about money. Jenny's new job is awesome, and pays more, but we were really counting on her first "new salary" paycheck to be bigger than it was... but we hadn't figured on how much was going to be deducted for insurance and benefits. [Ouch!]

So, while money's still getting tighter for the time being, I wanted to mention I have put up some basic commission rates for illustration-type work, which can be found in the sidebar over to the right, or by clicking here: Commission Info . Some examples of my art can be seen over at my deviantArt page. If you're interested in getting some work done by your's truly, hit me up by email: peterfoglesong (at) gmail (dot) com . Thanks!

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