Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NaNoWriMo: T-minus 3....

3 Days till November 1st and the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. My attempts at NaNo over the last 2 years have been pretty pathetic. Both years I started out with a vague idea for a story, then completely switched gears within the first week, came up with a "great idea" and promptly skidded to a stop.

I'm ahead of schedule this year, since I've already tossed my original idea (a superhero crime novel) and decided on something else. I know I'm just not psyched up enough about my novel, so I'm just going to use NaNo as an excuse to write something....

So.... instead of a traditional "novel", I'm going to try and see how much work I can get done on one or more of the comic ideas I've had kicking around in my head for a while. I'm hoping I can get the ideas out of my head, on to paper (or the computer) and into some sort of order, with the goal being to compose some comic scripts out of the mess I'm left with.

I figure I can't do any worse than the last two years, and maybe I'll actually end up with something tangible to work with and make a comic out of. I suppose I should have done this during NaNo's sister-event, Script Frenzy (in April), but oh well. Maybe next year. And if my job-hunting success doesn't improve, I'll have plenty of time to write... Yay.

EDIT - Well, I wasn't planning on writing a real "novel", but I just had an idea for a modern sci-fi story which I'm going to try and run with for a NaNo-Novel. The working title is "Young at Heart", and the "high concept" would be X-Files meets Big.

So I'll be trying to hit the 50,000 word mark with Young at Heart, while also working on my comic ideas. I've decided I want to get atleast one of these comics up online, as a regularly scheduled webcomic, in 2009.

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