Thursday, October 23, 2008

Normal Stuff

Went over to CdA today and hung out at Jenny's folks' place for most of the day, getting caught up on the copius amount of unread newspapers and unwatched TV we had waiting for us. Jenny's working Saturday and Sunday now, and my participation in the 24 Hour Comic Book Day this past weekend (and the subsequent off-kiltering of my sleep schedule) meant that we didn't visit Sunday evening.

We also picked up some yummy Mexican food - our favorite place, Cafe Chulo, may be changing ownership soon, but supposedly the food won't be any different. Swung by Borders as well. Same as always.

The apartment peoples came by yesterday and checked out all of our appliances, noting whether they were "old" or "new". Everything is still "old", and hopefully will be replaced soonish - probably in the next couple of months. They've got to order everything in bulk, and install all at once, much like the recent big window replacement.

Otherwise, nothing too exciting at the moment. Jenny's still working a lot, mostly at the library. I'm still looking for work and working on some art. Atleast gas prices have finally started dropping a little (below $3 here - yay)....

Atleast November will be here soon. We can dive into NaNoWriMo again and finally be done with presidential campaign ads.

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