Saturday, November 08, 2008

Smashing Windows

Some time ago (months, really), I mentioned getting an old lap-top from Jenny's dad (her sister's old one) that I was thinking of trying out Linux on, since I was getting so frustrated with Windows. Well, I finally did it - I ended up going with the latest version of Xubuntu - and all I can say is "Wow!"

I never thought this old thing could run this fast or this smoothly. And while I had only tried the Live CD versions of a couple different distributions previously, the install was so simple and painless, I was amazed. I think I'm officially a convert to the wonders of Linux. :)

Granted, I haven't done much with this thing yet - so far just installed Opera (which I've been using as my primary browser on the PC and love) and got that set up the way I like it. But I've got to say I'm impressed so far.

Otherwise, in non-computer news: Jenny and I are both still getting over this sinus thing. I'm finally feeling better, tho Jenny's still run down quite a bit. Hopefully I'll be recovered in time for the library to call me for an interview (hope, hope).

We've both been trying to write some on our NaNoWriMo novels, tho we're both way behind what we're supposed to be at, wordcount-wise. Jenny's ahead of me, but not by as much as previous years.

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