Saturday, January 31, 2009

Appliances! (update) + Misc.

We got our shiny new appliances yesterday (the 29th)! New fridge, range, dishwasher and washer & dryer! Everything is quite awesome and we're super-happy to finally get them. It's not enough to keep us from finding a new place to live, but we'll enjoy having them while we're here.

We got another note from the apartment people today - apparently they're going to re-key the whole complex, starting next month. We're slightly curious as to the "why"s, but it's not like it really affects us one way or the other...

Jenny's finally starting to get over being sick, and now I'm coming down with something, probably the same thing. Stuffy head, general aches and pains, normal stuff. 

I've been re-reading the excellent Emberverse series from S.M. Stirling, and just started the 4th book after checking it out from the library. I just started it yesterday, and am almost half-way done; afterwards I've still got the newest (5th) book in the series to read. Then I'll probably re-read his Nantucket series, which is (loosely) set in the same universe. Stirling is a (in my opinion) great alternate-history/sci-fi author - highly recommended.

I think Jenny wanted to blog some more about the appliances, so I'll leave the details to her. :D

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