Monday, February 02, 2009

Technical Difficulties

First Jenny was sick, and then I got sick... and now the computer's sick. Virus, spyware, something. I spent most of the day doing virus-scan & removal; I lost count of how many times I restarted the stupid thing.

It's not fixed yet, though I did some research online and found a couple of options that might  be effective - I've got to download some more anti-malware software, and I'm just sick of dealing with it for now. Tomorrow, or the next day, will be fine.

For now I'm glad I've got the laptop to check my email and look up stuff on.

After I called it quits on the computer for the day, I tried out our shiny new washer & dryer (shnazzy high efficiency front loading, at that) and caught up on laundry while watching Fellowship of the Ring for the millioneth time.

Tomorrow (well, technically tonight) is season premiere night for new episodes of Heroes and Medium!

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