Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, my interview on Monday went as well as possible, I guess. But I still didn't get the job... though they did call me to tell me, instead of sending out the normal library form letter, so I suppose that's a sign they still liked me. I had a lot of experience from very closely related jobs, but apparently it went to another guy who had 2 years of experience in exactly this one. Oh well....

Patty's been doing OK so far, the past couple of days, with no more seizures or anything. But I think they're still waiting to get the results back from the EEG on Wednesday, so we'll see if that says something new.

It's been fairly warm here, although I see that it's actually warmer in Fairbanks right now than in Spokane. Crazy!

And I'll leave you with something from my sketchbook - I've got an idea for a kind of funny animal / superhero comic, and this is a Golden Age vigilante type of character named.... Awesome Possum!

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