Thursday, March 26, 2009

Arts & Crafts

They just revealed the results from the most recent Project: Rooftop contest (which was to re-design Batman as if former Robin Dick Grayson was to take over for Bruce Wayne), and while I didn't win, I was pleasantly surprised to see my entry had made it into the Runners-Up. This looked to be their most popular contest yet, with a huge amount of impressive entries, so I'm just happy that I was even mentioned. You can see the winners and results here: Project: Rooftop Batman 2.0 Results

I''m still participating in the AngelCrusher's Fighting League art jam/trade over on, although I did get behind when I was doped up and recovering from my dentist visit. After I was back to semi-normal, I knocked out the 2 entries I was missing and am now mostly caught up. Just have to get the last 2 entries done in the next 5 days before the semi-final round starts. You can check out what I've done over at my deviantArt page: Peter's Gallery on deviantArt

Jenny had her first Crafty Club at the library last Friday, and it was a success, although she's thinking of changing the time so that more people could attend. She did make a necklace for her mother's birthday, which her mom loved. She's actually in the process of modifying it right now so it fits a little better, but here's a scan of it in it's original incarnation:

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