Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 12, 2009

Now that it's been 2 weeks to the day, I guess I can mention something that's been bothering me.

On the 12th, a man jumped off the 6th level of the parking garage across the street from the building one of my jobs is in. Downtown, right before 5pm, when most jobs close for the day. There's a sky bridge network that connects most of the buildings. Apparently, they have very sturdy roofs. No one else was hurt when he landed. But, whether by accident or intention, he landed and stayed directly across the street from one of the big picture windows in the skywalk in the building I work in.

Had I been in the back copy room (my "office"), I would have been almost eye level with the guy before he jumped. Luckily I missed that. And luckily the police and firemen had already mostly covered his body by the time everyone in the office found out about it and were looking out of the windows down to the scene below.

Even taking several shocked looks out the window didn't prepare me for the look out that picture window as we headed to the parking garage to go home.

Just go 
here and see what I mean. Poor guy...
Well... Time to go to work. I hope nothing exciting happens today.

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