Thursday, April 09, 2009

Gotta Get Yourself Connected...

Some of Jenny's family have signed up for Facebook, so she signed up, and I went ahead and reactivated my account as well. Much of the problems I had with it initially were actually fixed during their most recent update (which, of course, happened just after I left), so I should be sticking around this time...

I also signed up on LinkedIn - my friend Levi sent me an invite, and I figured it certainly couldn't hurt my chances of finding some work and networking. I haven't done much with it yet, beyond just setting up my profile.

And finally, I went ahead and signed up for Twitter. It was mainly because there were several feeds (mostly pro artists and writers) that I wanted to keep track of anyway, I figured I'd might as well sign up and "follow" them. I also realized that while I keep intending to blog on more of a regular basis, I usually don't want to post an entry if it's just one little blurb - so I wait, and then either don't post at all or post one gigantic entry. Sooo, that's just what Twitter's for, right?

I'm still kicking the tires on Twitter, as well as putting my Facebook page back in order, but here's all the new links (I also updated the link lists on the sidebar to the right):

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