Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Update

For some reason Loudtwitter didn't forward my Twitter updates for Saturday to the blog this morning like it was supposed to.... Not sure why; I checked and everything seems to be set up correctly, and it worked yesterday. Guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.

EDIT - Nope, didn't work. Hmm....

Anyway, weekend was good. We were supposed to hang out with our friend Jamie on Friday, since it was Jenny's day off, but he ended up having to spend most of the day running his mom around on errands, so we postponed until next Friday.

Instead, I did chores - cleaning, balancing the checkbook, dishes, laundry and stuff. And Jenny got out her paintings and worked on them some. I also attempted to finally fix our reception problem in the den, but to no avail. I found we had a super-long coaxial cable that I hooked up and was able to move the antennae all over the place in the apartment and the reception never got any better.

What seemed wierdest to me was that I was able to stretch the antennae all the way into the studio where the other TV (which gets all the channels) is. The antennae was in the exact same spot in the studio where it normally picks up stations fine, but when it was hooked up to the TV in the other room, it couldn't. Just made no sense.... Maybe we will have to make that coat hanger super-antennae after all. :)

Jenny's bosses at the law-firm were getting rid of some old computer equipment, so she came home the other day with a desktop (without a hard drive) and two flatscreen monitors. The PC went to her dad, as he's part of a computer club in CdA that refurbishes old computers to give to people in need. One of the monitors definately works, and we'll probably switch it out for the old one we've got now, and the other one may - we just have to get an appropriate power cord adapter for it to find out.

Jenny's dad also gave us their old PC a while back, when he got a new one. It's been sitting in our closet since then since the extra monitor he gave us is about to die, and we really don't have any extra room for it anyway. But now that we'll have another functional monitor (either the 2nd flatscreen or our old one), I'll probably get it up and running. We may actually switch it out for our current PC, as it's still newer/faster than the one we're using now (Jenny's old one). But I'm not looking forward to re-installing everything again, and the fan needs to be adjusted as right now it sounds like an airplane taking off....

And we finally filed our taxes today. We did it online, and should be getting a very small amount back. But we'll take whatever we can get, and are just happy we don't have to pay anything. :)

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