Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yesterday (the 15th) was our 2 1/2 year anniversary, and conveniently also Jenny's day off, so we finally went out to see Avatar. We've actually been attempting to see it with her dad (since he also wants to see it), pretty much since it came out, but every time we try it's been sold out or something else gets in the way.

So today we took it upon ourselves to use some free movie tickets we had received (thanks, Mom & Dad!) and see it... and we loved it! I'd heard all kinds of comments, which mostly said the plot, writing and acting were pretty poor, but it was still worth seeing just for the effects. I had a hard time accepting that'd be the case, and honestly was getting a bit sick of all the hype about how "amazing" the whole thing was.

Maybe it was just because I'd lowered my expectations from the reviews I'd heard, but I ended up enjoying it a lot - way more than I was ever expecting. There was a couple of corny bits, but I'd say the worst bits of dialogue were already in the previews. The acting (for the most part) was good, the background and environments really were amazing, and the 3D really helped to enhance the whole experience.

Jenny's dad apparently doesn't react well to the 3D effects, so he wanted to see the normal version anyway, so we'll probably be going to see it again with him when we get the chance. Oh, and even though it's about 3 hours long, it kept my attention so well, I hardly noticed it'd been that long (that is until it was over and I tried to stand up...).

Nothing else exciting from today. We slept in late, went out to Arbys to eat after the movies, and came home to watch some TV (Smackdown! & Numb3rs) while Jenny organized her beads and I sketched some.

And here's something appropriate from my sketchbook today:


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