Thursday, January 06, 2011

What's Happening....

So, how are things going, now that we're a week into 2011...?

So far, so good, I suppose. Jenny got a couple extra hours added to her schedule, bringing her almost up to full time, and she's been selling a few more of her crocheting projects to her co-workers. She's also been trying to work a little more on her novel, when she has the time.

I've got a few art projects on my plate - some new and some way overdue that I'm concentrating on playing catch-up with first. Also, the first Comicsmiths' Guild anthology comic is printed and should be on it's way here. We'll have those available soon-ish, both on-line and at local shops & events.

We've got all the Christmas decorations down and out to the garage, and are in the beginning stages of completely re-arranging the apartment. So of course, at the moment it's a complete disaster. But when we're done, the plan is to have a real living room and dining room again, with the studio space moved to the smaller bedroom.

We're figuring this will also encourage us to do some much-needed un-cluttering, and get rid of some extra stuff we've been hanging on to for way too long. Or it may just end up in the garage. Guess we'll see....

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