Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Birthday, and What's Showing in Our House...

It was Jenny's Dad's 61st birthday on Sunday - we spent most of the day over there, got some delicious food at the Texas Roadhouse (they do know their steak), and finally caught up on the last of the taped TV they've been recording for us.

We have had bad luck in the past with networks cancelling the shows we really like, but the number of programs we're following has slowly gone back up in the last couple of years. We're still following Fringe (great sci-fi and probably our favorite show on right now), Castle (a close second and a well written alternative to most cop shows), Supernatural, Chuck and Bones.

There's also The Walking Dead (the 2nd season starts this week), Eureka (in it's final season, unfortunately), Warehouse 13, and Alphas; plus the comedies we still watch: How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and American Dad. And the very few "reality shows" we follow: Ghosthunters, Destination Truth, Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection.

This year we're also giving a few others a try:
  • Terra Nova - Cliched but entertaining - mostly watching it for the dinosaurs.
  • PanAm - Wasn't sure about this one at first, but the 60's espionage angle is enough to keep me hooked. And good writing and acting, regardless.
  • Grimm - This one hasn't started yet - cop procedural/modern-fantasy mix that might be good. Guess we'll see...
  • Once Upon a Time - Still don't know about this one (hasn't started either). It would be a sure thing, but we also know it's basically just a rip-off of the awesome Fables comic we're big fans of. ABC had been working on adapting Fables into a show, then dropped it, but then announced this one right after that - so not sure if I really want to support the show, regardless of how cool it might end up being...
  • Playboy Club - This was actually a really great show, which unfortunately is already cancelled. It got bogged down with fabricated controversy since it was connected with Playboy, but really it was far, far tamer and PG rated than most network dramas these days. The Club was only a backdrop for the setting, and the actual show was basically a period crime drama set in the 60's. Still hoping there are more episodes and they'll be released on DVD someday.
We did get some awesome TV news recently, when it was announced our all-time favorite comedy series, Arrested Development, will be coming back for another short season. This is one of those "cancelled before it's time" shows we loved, and these new episodes are also going to be a lead-up to an Arrested Development movie that's in development. Can't wait. :)

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