Wednesday, October 05, 2011

(Long) Weekend Update

Jenny's enjoying her stay-cation - we stopped by the library Monday to pick up some holds and checked out a whole bunch of books and comics. We're also borrowing the complete DVD set of Daria, one of Jenny's favorite series, from our friend Josh. So she's got a few things to keep her entertained for a while. Otherwise she's just relaxing and working on crochet projects. She also sold a nice set of gloves (as seen to the left) she made for a co-worker this week.

Then yesterday we headed over to Coeur d'Alene for most of the day, to see Jenny's folks and catch up a bunch on the TV shows they record for us. The Fall season has started, and we've got a few new shows we're starting to follow, plus all the our regulars. Though as usually happens, one of the new ones we're really enjoying (The Playboy Club) has already been cancelled only 3 episodes in. Sigh...

This weekend was pretty fun too. One of Jenny's friends from work got married on Saturday, and she and her husband are really big geeks. They had a whole bunch of board games and card games for people to play at the reception, and even had the Star Wars Imperial march play at the wedding.

Saturday was also the annual 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge event. I knew we were going to be at the wedding months in advance, so didn't plan on actually attempting the challenge this time. But we still went over to the location after the reception was over for a few hours - I drew a little, and Jenny worked on her novel some, but we were mostly just there to hang out with our friends.

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