Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Wrap-Up

We had a great Christmas this year - nothing too terribly exciting, but very relaxed and enjoyable. We spent most of Christmas day at Jenny's parents' place, and left pretty late in the evening, after stuffing ourselves full of enchiladas, fudge and pie. We also spent a lot of time playing with her sister's new Wii (mostly bowling), which everyone had a lot of fun with.

Jenny's parents got us a new monitor, which we've needed for quite some time, and we also ended up with Patty's (slightly) old VCR/DVD player, since she also got a new TV which had a built in DVD player. We're pretty sure our old VCR just completely died, so it was very welcome. We do also have a combo player we got 4 years ago which works great, but this one that died was Jenny's before we started dating, and was probably her parents' before then. It's had a full life...

Also Sarah, one of Jenny's friends from work, was getting an Xbox 360 for herself, so she gave us her old Xbox for Christmas, along with all the games and accessories she had! Jenny wrapped everything up for me to open on Christmas, and I was shocked when I opened it up and just completely amazed by Sarah's generosity. But Jenny does work with a lot of really cool people. :)

In addition we got all sorts of other awesome gifts, from DVDs to jewelry, clothes to books and art supplies. We got to spend the whole day with family and had an all-around great time. We hope everyone out there had a great holiday weekend, and has a safe and happy New Years!

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