Friday, January 27, 2012

Under Destruction

Our downstairs neighbors moved out last month, and now the apartment maintenance guys are going to town, fixing the unit up. This is the first morning in a week that we didn't get woken up at 8am by power tools, but I can still hear them down there working.

We always were a bit wary of those neighbors - I think they were there when we moved in, and we barely ever saw them, and they just seemed kinda odd. The only times we'd know they were there is when they'd leave and slam their door so hard it rattled the entire building. And I did briefly speak to one of them, when their mail ended up in our mailbox by mistake and I knocked on their door. Otherwise, they were just kind of weird...

And they must have really abused/neglected the place while they were there, from all the moldy drywall and trashed appliances the workers have ripped out and thrown away. They may just be gutting the place, from the look and sound of things. At least these people apparently didn't steal the washer and dryer from the apartment like one of our other previous neighbors...

I wonder how fast they'll get that spot filled - it'd be nice to have at least one decent neighbor while we're here. Though I suppose it would make sense that it wouldn't happen until just before we (hopefully) move out of this place after 7 years.

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