Monday, February 27, 2012

Snow Days

We were planning on doing a lot of running around and chore-type stuff this weekend, and visit Jenny's parents as well, but those plans were scuttled when we woke up Saturday morning to the stormfront that moved in and dumped a few inches of snow on us. Roads were a mess, and we were in no hurry to go outside, so we ended up staying in all weekend and catching up on the copious amounts of TV shows we had to watch from the last couple of weeks. Not too exciting, but fun and relaxing nonetheless.

We also watched the first episode of a new show, Awake, which doesn't premiere until this Thursday, but the first episode is already available on Hulu. It's a drama about a police detective who's in a car accident, and afterwards keeps switching between two realities - one where his wife died in the crash and his son survived, and one that's the opposite. Every time he falls asleep, he "wakes up" in the other reality, so it seems like one of them is real and one is a dream - but he doesn't know which one, and they seem to be connected somehow.

Jenny and I really enjoyed the pilot, so we'll keep watching it; hopefully it won't get cancelled like most of our favorite shows seem to. Speaking of which, we're hoping that PanAm gets picked up for a second season, since we're really hooked on it now, but what I've read on-line hasn't been very encouraging....

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