Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Con-ventional Wisdom

We've both been really looking forward to going over to Seattle at the end of March for the Emerald City ComiCon. The plan was to take a week so we would also have time to see people while we were there and do touristy type stuff as well.

But we were talking it over and decided we'd be better off not going, even though we really want to. Jenny got the time off she requested, and we'd probably have enough money to generally enjoy ourselves. But there are a lot of other things we want to spend that money on - things we've been really needing and keep having to put off. Like a new computer, or a new bed, or just moving into a better place.

We did  get our taxes filed, and are getting a decent (but not huge) refund back. And that's definitely going to help our plans for this year.

So we'll set that money aside, and probably use the week off that Jenny's getting to look for a place to live. We at least now know the general area we want to move to, and can start looking for a house to rent.

We still would like to get over to Seattle to visit, since we haven't been since the 2010 ComiCon. We might try for later in the year, once we (hopefully) get into a new place and everything's settled and straightened out. There is a smaller one day convention in September we might try to hit; I might even see about getting a table at it depending on how things go. The Spokane ComiCon is also coming up in May, and I'll definitely be splitting a table with my friend Matt at that one.

And for now we'll just try to be responsible and save, and not splurge on anything not in the budget...

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