Monday, July 09, 2012

Status - House: Achieved!

We've been in this apartment for almost 7 years, which seems insane now that I really think about it. Not sure how we've lasted this long, considering some of the things (and neighbors) we've put up with...

But that will all soon be in the past, as we're finally moving!

We found a 2 bedroom house to rent, in what seems to be a nice neighborhood, that's going to cost us about what we're paying now (the rent is actually less than this apartment, but we're expecting our utilities to be higher there). It's also got a full basement with a lot of storage space, and an actual back yard. :)

It's a little farther west from where we're at now, over into what is Spokane proper, but Jenny's work is still about the same distance from the new place as from here. And she's got some friends/co-workers who live in the same area - one only a block away.

It is an older house, which hasn't ever been remodeled as far as we (or the landlord) know, so we won't be surprised if we run into some issues later on... But since neither of us has rented a house before, and we would eventually like to own our own place, we're looking at this as a learning experience of sorts.

But the property manager/landlord also lives just around the corner, so if anything does come up she'll be easy enough to get a hold of. She's getting the place cleaned/fixed up right now (as the previous tenants didn't seem to do any move-out cleaning...) so we won't be able to start moving in till closer to the end of the month. But at least we should have a few days to move instead of it being a mad rush over a day or two.

Still, super excited! More updates, and eventually photos, are sure to follow.

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