Monday, August 27, 2012


Settling into our new place has been a rather slow affair. We're "moved in", but we're still compiling our "move-in" list of all the various issues in the house, and there's still work that needs to be done before we can finish unpacking and really get situated.

We've been taking copious amounts of photos as we go, as we keep finding things that need to be fixed. This weekend we went through the basement and looked for problems and "pre-existing conditions". The basement is also a haven for (in some cases, very large) spiders, and we spent some time trying to clean out as many 8 legged inhabitants and cobwebs as possible.

Here's an example of one that appeared in the kitchen, next to the back door, that Jenny nearly walked into. I know that spiders are supposed to be beneficial since they eat other insects, but the ones in our house seem unusually industrious. And fearless, feeling quite content to drop down directly into our faces as we're walking. This will not stand...

We're going to get out and pick up some spider glue traps, on the recommendation of one of Jenny's co-workers. We were at Fred Meyer the other night grocery shopping, and looked there, but they were completely sold out of (just) spider traps. So apparently we're not the only ones dealing with an infestation.

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