Thursday, July 07, 2005

And Life Goes On

First off, my thoughts go out to Londoners and their loved ones. I can only guess the feeling in the UK today, but I'm betting it's similar to the sense of shock and numbness that we felt on 9/11. God bless.

So far, the drunk guy hasn't come back, but the night is still young...

Today was my "Monday", and I really wasn't quite moving up to speed today. I woke up this morning, staggered out of bed, and the first thing I see on the news is about the subway being bombed. Kinda caught me a little off guard.

I spend quite a bit of time online on a forum that's based out of the UK, so it was odd this morning, reading the thread about the bombing as information was trickling in. I already knew the outcome (reading it 6 hours after), but the inital reports were that it was an "electrical malfunction" on one of the lines. And then as more reports came in, the questioning began: "is this a terrorist attack?"

I remember waking up on Sepember 11th and hearing the morning DJ talking about the Pentagon being hit. But until that day, the morning show was on a one-day delay from a station in Anchorage, and so when they said the date, I was confused. And then when I realized what they were talking about, I was more confused. Then I turned on the TV to see a replay of the first tower being struck. Confusion. Chaos. Shock.

More pleasant thoughts....

Even with crazy drunk guy seranading us, it looks like we'll be sticking around in this apartment for a while. We could move, but we're figuring that it would exhaust what little money we've saved (1st/last/deposit), so we're going to try to make the best of what we've got here.

We were going to majorly move the apartment around, but the couch won't fit through the door into the larger bedroom. That cut short our plan to make the old office into our tv room/den. We did go ahead and move the "office stuff" into the living room so it's not so crowded. The plan now is to finally get a table (we've only been here a year) and put it in the big bedroom -- making it the game room. Whenever we get everything cleaned up and put away, I'll have to take some pictures and put 'em up on here.

That's about it for now, I guess. I'm tired and Jenny just got home from work. Time to try to get to sleep before anybody starts singing....

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