Thursday, July 21, 2005

Gots to Pay the Man

Good news on the "dragging my self out of financial ruin" front -- The Fountainhead debt is payed!

So, I talked to Chris (bud and ex-business partner) last night, and he's the one still in Alaska and tying up all the loose ends as far as the business is concerned. Well, it turns out we still had one more debt we hadn't payed (on top of FH): Alliance Games, to the tune of $4400. That $4400 had now turned into $7700 thanks to interest and legal fees....

To remedy this situation, Chris' parents have now taken a $20,000 loan out, Chris has payed off FH entirely, and is about to send a check to Alliance's lawyers to pay off that as well. As far as we can tell, we are completely payed off, the accountant is currently working to clear up the store's tax problems, and we'll be paying off the bank/his parents at $300/month for the next 5 years. So that's $150/month per person, which is actually cheaper than we were paying to FH! I can dig it.

It was good talking to Chris again as well, getting caught up on all the craziness in Fairbanks and everything.

Looks like our apartment building is up for sale; there's a realtor sign in our yard by the street. I'm wondering when they were going to inform us, the tenants, of this little change. Perhaps we will be moving sooner as opposed to later. We've been thinking that if we do end up moving, since we'll have to go through the effort of moving and probably sign a lease where ever we end up living, we might as well move to Spokane.

The whole point of moving down here was to give us more opportunities, have more to do, meet people, and save money. Realistically, Coeur d'Alene does none of these things for us. Staying in CDA when we first got here was great, since we were close to Jenny's folks and we didn't know anyone else or our way around. We'd get paid more in WA, have better options for jobs, and we'd have a couple of friends (Tigger & Lincoln) close by. I'm guessing I could even transfer to the Spokane Borders, although I probably wouldn't be up for a Supervisor job, although with them having a full size store and an SBC cafe, I don't think I'd want the added responsibility.

I switched shifts with Laura yesterday, so I've got today and tomorrow off, as well as Jenny (which was convenient). We slept in, did our laundry over at the folks' place, and went to Spokane and got comics. Then went over to Jamie and Maria's place to watch the second season of League of Gentlemen. He's also got the third season and the Christmas special. That'll be next week....

I still haven't cleaned the damn bathroom, maybe tomorrow. Otherwise, tomorrow will be drawing, writing, relaxing and wrestling (Smackdown!). Now, I believe, it's time to read some comics.

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