Friday, July 22, 2005

Too Hot

Well, the past couple days have been pretty good, if just too hot. On Tuesday, I had a short day at work, and it went well. It was kinda dead, but just busy enough, and everyone got along, and there were only a few irksome customers, but they came late in the day and since I wasn't in charge, didn't have to deal with them. Yay! Then Wednesday and Thursday were my days off, and Peter had the same days off too. I didn't really do much, but it was very relaxing. Had some trouble sleeping last night. Got to bed 'round Midnight, little after. Didn't get to "sleep" till after 2AM, possibly later, woke up 'round 4AM and had to get something to drink. Then tossed and turned again till 5:30 or so then dreampt that I was at work complaining that I didn't get enough sleep. Then woke up again at 6:30 and tossed and turned till the alarm went off at 7AM. Sigh, at least it's a short day for me, maybe I can catch a nap after work.

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